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Carlton is an inner-northern suburb of Melbourne, Australia, immediately adjoining Melbourne's Central Business District.Its local government area is the City of Melbourne.These are configured as a mixture of 4 and 5-storey walk-up flats and 22-storey high-rise towers which are in the process of being redeveloped as mixed-tenure housing.76.8% of Carlton's housing is rented, the vast majority of which is concentrated in these apartment towers.

The Carlton Post Office and Police Station are both fine Renaissance Revival styled buildings. The Lygon Buildings on Lygon Street were built in 1888 in the Mannerist style.In the 2016 Census, there were 18,535 people in Carlton. The most common countries of birth were China 22.6%, Malaysia 6.4%, Indonesia 3.1%, India 2.6% and Singapore 2.3%. Other languages spoken at home included Mandarin 25.7%, Cantonese 4.3%, Indonesian 2.8%, Somali 2.3% and Arabic 2.1%.The most common responses for religion was No Religion at 47.5%.Lygon Street, Grattan Street and Queensberry Street were part of the route of the marathon in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, which was hosted in Melbourne.Lygon and Cardigan Streets are part of the seventh course of the annual cycling tour, Jayco Herald Sun Tour.

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Today these homes are highly sought after, attract high prices and have been the primary of gentrification.

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