Clean cut dating couples

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Clean cut dating couples

Check out which businesses in your area engage in Cheap Ass Tuesday and begin exploiting them in the name of romance.

Whilst ice skating is a nice and traditional date option, what I’m referring to is the roller skating rink.

If you and your partner are fans of fresh produce and cooking, the farmers market can make a fantastic date.

You can pick out the best fruits and vegetables for yourselves at a much lower price than at the supermarket whilst playing ‘spot the stoned ageing hippie.’ Becoming prematurely old and dull at the age of 26 has never been so much fun!

This is quite possibly my favorite suggestion on the list.

I personally believe that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Tap into your inner children by spending an afternoon at the rink making fools of yourselves and drinking frozen cokes.

Not only will you have a fun time laughing at each other, you may even get to see some children fall down, or young teenagers awkwardly trying to make out before their parents come to pick them up. Take advantage of the snow and cold weather by sledding down a hill.

Not only do they have cheap drinks and dudes with long beards, but you can indulge in some fun old school bar activities like pool, darts and trying not to get stabbed.

This can come in many shapes and forms – whether it be cheap cinema tickets or discounted meals at cafes and restaurants.

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So if you’re both into cooking, this can be a lovely way to spend an evening together.

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